Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm gonna attempt to get back to a normal blogging schedule I've missed you guys!

Seems like the past week has been really foggy, time in my brain is moving like a snails pace, but time outside it is flying by. Pretty sure the reason is because of the pain meds. Finally I got to talk to a pain management doctor and nurse last and he;s once again lowered my MScontin (long acting Morphine from 45mg twice a day to 30mg), is keeping me on a dalauidid pump that I can push every 15 minutes, I still have the "break-through" Dalauidid push if needed, and he added a new medicine last night, Neurontin, which is an anti-seizure med, that is also used to control muscle spasms which he believes will help control the muscle area in my back that in intermingling with some nerves back there and causing me pain. It does seem to have worked OK, becuse I woke up at 5 am with pain but not as much. I did ask the nurse about some of the side effects o this new drug, because I didn't have the typical "normal" pain that I normally had, I'm much better, just a little goofy foggy feeling. She said it takes a while to get used to it, but I should have this feeling for about another week or so. Picture eyes rolling back...geeez! Well what's another week right!!

The Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Lee said he's gonna reevaluate the MRI they did of that area and see if hey can also shoot it with radiation beam and that would also help with the pain.

My regular Onclogist has sent my "samples to The little Rock clinic and we have a scheduled appointment on August 13. So I gotta get the hell outta dodge soon and halve some visiting time at HOME with my family, so if you all don't mind sending a little extra push of prayers, love and light my way, that would be wonderful!

Momma and I have been going through her old photos, I’ve posted a lot of them on FaceBook, and now I’m in the the process of adding captions, which has been really funny, because I haven’t heard a lot of the stories, I it’s very interesting to know how the Belgian family was just as hilarious and dysfunctional as every other family!

My BoBonne was a spitfire! SO check them out periodically because it'll take me a little while to add all the captions and I'm also working on a blog and book for the project.

Bon Courage!


  1. Wow, sounds like terrifically strong pain meds! I do hope the radiation beam reduces the pain. As for the Belgian family being equally hilarious and dysfunctional, not a surprise! I think most families are dysfunctional--which makes me wonder what a "functional" family would be like?

    You have all my prayers, candles, and positive thoughts.

  2. You certainly have all my prayers and positive healing thoughts coming your way constantly. Hang in there and it's nice to know the other side of the family is as dysfunctional as ours, LOL!!

  3. Hey, we might all be a little nutty, but we're NOT boring!!! Muuaahhh! Kisses, love, light and prayers!

  4. 1. OM MANE PADME HUM (mantra in your honor)
    2. Pah-TIE-yow! (zapping you some super high-test karma)
    3. CHEESE (beaming you some light from my super high-test smile)
    4. Singing, "She's a Maniac, Maniac on the floor" and doing my super high-test, running-in-place Flash Dance imitation to send you energy.

  5. On est tous fou, et alors!
    Gros bisous d'Angleterre xxx

  6. Sending lots of prayers your way Danielle! You got this thing beat!

  7. thanks everyone, y'all make me feel a bit more sane!

  8. I'd like to thank Virginia for sharing Bon Courage, Danielle. Bon Courage, indeed!

  9. The little non-spam word I had to type in to post was "ozooth"

  10. Her last comment, august 7. Damn.