Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An odd memory

I remembered this story earlier today and wanted to share it.

Back in the late 1990’s Danielle and I were apartment sitting for some friends here in Memphis. While lying in bed one night in someone else’s room we started discussing the TV show “MASH”.

After talking about the characters Winchester and Frank Burns… we got into a friendly argument about which came first and if they ever met one another on screen.

Danielle was adamant that they were on the program at the same time and acted in scenes together. I, on the other hand, was positive that they never met and one replaced the other. I argued that Frank Burns was the original and Winchester replaced him.

The discussion went on for 45 minutes… lying in bed in Mid-town Memphis around 1 in the morning.

Finally I got up and looked it up on the Internet… could not find any answers but did email some web-site that would get back to us the next day.

We received an email the next day that said… Winchester and Frank never met on the show but did talk on the phone in one scene.

I was right about MASH but she was right about everything else.


  1. Together in grad school, Danielle was much younger (young enough to be my daughter) yet so much more confident about herself, her ideas, her convictions. For a little while we shared a studio space. During that time on some trying day, I was ready to throw in the towel with school. Danielle and I talked about the foolishness of that (well, ok, she did all the talking) and then I had a class. The class was a blur but her words were workin' on me. After the class I returned to the empty studio. There on my table was a note from Danielle reiterating her feelings about quitting the grad program. I read the note over and over feeling that wisdom and warm compassion flow over me. That note is still tucked in my sketchbook from that day.

  2. Bring it with you on the 19th if you can. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jamie, love this small but fun memory. Thanks for sharing

  4. Jamie! I love your love for Danielle, love you for continuing the blog, love your writing.