Monday, June 14, 2010

9pm, I'm tired.

Today was again lazy, but nice. Had lunch with the boys, napped, and got to visit with Paula. She made it in for dinner, and brought me some yummy divinity, and caramel cake! Paula and I aren't supposed to eat bad food, but when we get together, we do, and we so enjoy it. We have bonded over eating sweetened condensed milk right out of the can. And once paula made me a creme brulee and we stood in the kitchen and ate the whole thing up just standing there. Maybe it's just me but there is something extra special about eating something so good standing up. Kinda like you can't even think about sitting down to savor it, who's got time for savoring!

Anyway, warm caramel cake and milk, gave way to sitting on the pack porch with our feet and little boys in the kiddee pool, being periodically splashed and getting a much needed cool off. Paula and I moved into the house and she told us stories about her Pine Level family reunion, and all the older characters coming together with the new little ones. I love that! Family history and togetherness is something that so many people are losing nowadays. That's why I wanted to start our family picnic in North Carolina. It's so hard to make time to visit all your extended family every time you go p for a visit, I always enjoyed visiting, but I always felt like there were so many folks I was missing out on seeing. A family picnic, gets everyone together in the same place, at the same time, everyone is free to mingle or not, but it is always so relaxed. The kids play like cousins do, the adults get to tell and compare stories. A perfect world.

Today was good, tomorrow the fighting really starts, but I am ready, believe me! I love my life!
Bon Courage Everyone!


  1. thinking about you. your courage and optimism is inspiring.

    Much much love;

  2. love your posts and your attitude, danielle. and love thinking about you and paula gabbing! :) my thoughts are with you today!

  3. You demonstrate such clarity and grace. You will win this fight.

  4. Your courage is an inspiration. Thank you for the blog.