Monday, June 28, 2010

First hospital stay

Well this weekend, was not quite what I had planned, sickly Saturday night, slept most of Sunday. Highlight of Sunday was watching Clear and Present Danger with Daddy and Harrison Ford. I really Like Harrison Ford! Handsome, upstanding, to bad all our government officials can't follow his lead!

SO anywhoo, headache came n round 7:30, and decided it wasn't gonna let go, so Jamie called my fabulous Dr. Dubal on his cell phone, to ask advice, he told me that it might be an indication of a brain bleed, so he recommended I come in for a CT scan, just to rule it out. So daddy and I trekked of to Methodist Central in search of a CTScan. I had completely forgotten that you had to jump through the weapons possession hoops, BEFORE you can even get into the ER. But actually, it wasn't too bad. I think it shocked Jamie and Daddy more than me. Luckily, I told them who my Doctor was and what he had said about the brain bleed, and they wisked me immediately to the CTScan machine, and then put me in a Neuro-ICU room. They gave med some good meds and I slept most of the night. I was able to get wheeled directly to my radiation treatments and then to another CT scan, so that made things so much better.

ATe some OK food....blegh....and ow I'm getting a little sleepy.

Hopefully they'll get my in a real room soon, I'd really love a shower about now, and just a smidge of privacy.

Hopefully when I get a real room, I'll be able to visit with Daddy, Momma, Jamie, and Gusto, and BO. Jeri and Sheri have Hopper out shopping with them, and Everyone else is just patiently waiting to wait. I just want to say thanks for ALL the well wishes, prayers, and love, Ya'll really re the best family and friends a girl could ask for!!

Bon Courage!!


  1. Thanks Robert, I'm striving for it! Hope your run in my honor the other day was a good one. I was running with you in spirit for sure!!