Thursday, June 17, 2010

hmmmm....very interesting...

Today I took my first radiation treatment, it actually only took about 5 minutes. Quick and painless. The doctor gave me a morphine pill to help curb this ridiculous pain on my chest, but he said it could be a combo of nerves, heartburn, but we've scheduled a Pet CT for net week I think, just to check it out. Sarah doll came by the clinic, and took Hopper to the gift shop and bought him ...a cute little yellow car, he loves it! Cars are his thing, so I believe he'd made a friend for life. He was also pretty cute to watch interacting with the people waiting in the clinic, he knows no strangers. He walk right up to someone, say Haaay, my nanes Hop-per. The folks just smile and start right up talking. My nurse Dana, showed me a pic of her little boy on her phone today. His hair is the exact same color as Hop's same length,too. I initially thought she had taken a picture of Hopper, but then she said, it was her son Cullen. He's 3. Maybe one day, we can get them side by side. Two cuties in a row. Within a 30 minutes of the treatment, I was feeling pretty tired, and having some feelings of tightening on the sides of my face. So Hopper and I dozed in the car, while Jamie helped sell the 2:30 boat. Got home, took a pain pill cause my head was starting to hurt a little, slept and slept, then woke up hungary, always a good sign for me. Jamie's momma made Macaroni Grill Lasagna, very good. Jamie's being a super=trooper through all this, and even organized a space next to the bed so I can have a light and read when i want to.

I have received cards and letters and packages, and books, from so many people, it I can't tell you how much they all mean to me! I promise I'm keeping up with everything, so I plan on working my southern girl charm and sending each of you a thank you card. Just please don't hold your breathe for too long, you might turn blue, and then I'd just feel guilty. You see, way back in the summer of 1995, Jamie and I got married, upon return from the honeymoon, I proceeded to take list in hand and begin writing out the thank you cards. Well we had so many friends that had given us so many things, that I had names and papers all over the place. After about a week or so, I believed I was through, so I gathered them up and sent them out, proud as I could be of myself. I had after all conquered a true southern girl task, ALL BY MYSELF! Well, here's the kicker...when I got my first job out of grad school in 1998 in Texas, I was packing up the house, I lifted up the cushions on the sofa, reached down between edges of that sofa, and instead of pulling out a $20 dollar bill or some such otherwise badly needed treasure, I pulled out a huge handful of unsent wedding gift thank you cards, which by the way were already addressed and stamped! So, like I said, please don't hold your breath! Follow-thru, really is a good thing, especially for those who no how to do it!

I really do love a good laugh, so if you come across any funny stuff, please feel free to forward it to me, but if you can send them to my new gmail email,, I can access them from my phone, which makes it a little easier. I still check the email, but they've switched to Outlook, and I'm having some learning curve issues with my new phone.

Well tomorrow we're off to the races at 9am, so until then my friends.

Bn Courage!


  1. At least you send thank you cards--however late! I never quite remember to do that, but Steve never forgets! He's not Southern, but he is thoughtful (unlike me). Cool that Hopper has a doppleganger!

  2. Glad your first treatment went ok and don't feel guilty when you need to rest. I'm sure Hopper something else to watch in the clinic. He is so cute and funny. Isn't it funny no matter how bad your day goes or how you feel a little one can ALWAYS make you smile. So glad you have your trooper Jamie by your side through all of this, he is such a wonderful person. Even though I missed this year's reunion I sure enjoyed talking to him last year and getting to know him. You have such a wonderful family. I will start emailing you some goofy stuff. Love you little cuz!