Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well today I jump....

Today is they day it all officially starts. WHole Brain Radiation Therapy. I'd be fibbing a little if I said I wasn't just a bit concerned, I mean we all remember those, "this is your brain....this is your brain on drugs commercials right? Good news is that if there are any major brain issues, like forgetfulness, which I already have had for most of my life, it should repair itself fairly quickly. So I might actually come out better than before! One can hope!

I am feeling calm, and I'm actually looking forward to this new experience, because, I know that there is always something new to learn about in a new situation. I like to imagine myself standing on a really high cliff, maybe somewhere in Hawaii, with the beautiful blue-green waters swirling around below. I open my arms and just step off. The feeling is so free, the wind is cool ad soft, the birds are holding me up as I float peacefully toward the water. Then I'm floating in the water, on my own, a talent that I've always had, don't ask how cause I'm not sure. Water has always been my saving grace. I can remember having horrible headaches, and imagining myself floating in the waters off Destin, listening to the birds and the people laughing and playing, and hearing the water lap against my head, most of the time, I could make the headache disappear. SO that's what I'm gonna do today.

Please don't worry about us today, we are ALL fine. This is just the first day of the next 10 days of my life. There will be many many more days of my life, some bumpy, some not. But it doesn't matter what comes my way because, I feel each and every one of you, all my little bluebirds of happiness flying right with me.

Love youall!

Bon Courage!


  1. Your positivity is infectious! I love the image of floating in blue-green water with bluebirds of happiness flying with you. Bon Courage!

  2. Wow, Danielle! I'm gonna have to try diving/floating visualization in my own scary/ anxious times. You're showing us all the way this should be done. Thinking of you and your boys today!

  3. Peace be with you as you start your treatment. You are in our thoughts and prayers!!!