Saturday, June 26, 2010

hair short....check!

Well daddy took mr to get my hair chopped off, it's good, much cooler, kind of like Pinks's white pixie cut, but mines not white yet. Im gonna bleach it but I gotta OK it with the doc first.

We also made the trek to buy Butch and Jeri some bird feeders. My daddy is an avid birder, and I really like them too, so I think this will be a nice addition to the back yard, especially on those o so occasional "cool" evenings here in Memphis.

I had really high hopes for taking Gusto to the skating rink, but I am too tired to go, which makes me a little sad, cause I really wanted to go. I think those kind of disappointments are gonna be the worst, for me because I really want to be able to be present and accounted for when it comes to the boys. Gusto is always so sweet, and says he'd rater me get the rest I need, but I still want to go!

Just wanted to say thanks to Mike and Hillary Davie for the great package they sent, loaded with fingernail polish, bunches of candy, and brownies, and doggy treats! Ya'll re too sweet!! Those brownies are yummy!

And my sweet Aunt's FranSue and BettyJo and Uncle David brought DONUT's!!! and the most wonderful Banana Blueberry muffins, and even homemade chicken pot pie! I'm gonna get spoiled if ya'll keep this up!

So at the moment, I'm lying here in bed typing this, and little Hop is taking a nap in his port-a-crib, next to my bed. There really is something nice about having your babies all sleep in the same room with you. Last night, I had Jamie next to me, Hopper and Gus in here too, it was perfect. Really Perfect. Butch and Jeri take great care of all of us, but I do love being surrounded by my men! Kind of feels like I'm surrounded by my own mini-army.

Bon Courage!

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  1. Hey my beautiful friend,

    Just got back from St. Augustine--Anastasia State Park--trying out our new little camper. It was totally fabuloso! The AC works like a dream, which makes beach camping in the summer sooooo comfortable. Too many jelly fish in the ocean, though. I read in another post that you'd like to camp across the country. I highly recommend it. Today, I'm dedicating my meditation to your bon courage health. Love to you mini-army, too.