Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crazy crazy time!

Well last night was beyond ridiculous. Hopper woke up from a sound sleep with a scream that would peel paint frim the walls, only to be followed by masiive vomiting, then Gusto started in, but he was such a good trooper about it. Poor thing said the only saving grace was how much better he felt after throwing up. Then, I started, not quite sure if I was vinnce vaughn sympathy puking or has it full on, either way, 7 times, in 4.5 hours was no fun! We were all up Al night, and I finally had to get Jmaie to take me to the ER at 6:30 am. Got in an er room, by 8am, no meds or IV until 11:30, and because I had a headache from dehydration and was nauseated an very dizzy, the doc decided, he wanted to give me a CT scan, of my brain, duh...I told him again, why I was in the er, and that I'd just had 2 rounds of Whole bran radiation, but he kept saying, if theer's something wrong, we'le find it, um, sorry doc, but I'm thinking you've been beaten to the punch on that one. NO thanks I said, I'll just get my PetMRI on Monday, keep the MRI brain scans I already have and sjip the extra $700 for extra scan cost. SO meds flowed freely once I refused the scan, so of course I began feeling much better. I apologize to anyone we didn't call to let know I was in the hospital, we were not really "all together". In fact when we got home, Jamie and I slept most of the day. Gus was still under the weather, so he even slept with us too.

I'm pretty tired, so I think I'll finish up this post in the am.

Ok it's 7:45 am, I'm sitting up, feeling a little groggy, thinking about some soffee, si I'm taking that as a good sign.

I think Gus, Jamie, and I will be going to the beauty parlor tody, I'm really ready to cut my hair, mainly cause I'm to lazy to wash and blow dry it. I do think it will be very nice to just wash, towel dry, and go. Cooler!!

I alos think think I'm gonna go by old navy and get a comfy dress or two, and some regular flip flops. I love my Chako's, but they they are strappy, and I want some easy slip ons. Later today, I'm gonna work more on my GUs's first trip to Belgium blog, and maybe post what I have so far. I'm sure they'll be some naps, and maybe we can get someone to fil up the baby pool, so the grown ups can soak our feet and the boys can splash around..Jamie's got to do the boats today, cause David has Sundays off, but I think it will do him sme good to get out of the house today, I just hope all the stomach virus crap is OVA!!! Cause, I'm here to tell ya it sucked out loud.

Just heard the Gray bird squeal in the living room, so I know there is at least one other adult human awake in the house. Time to go make the coffee..

Talk to ya'll soon!

Bon Courage!


  1. ugh! sorry y'all are urpy. not fun. I am sending mental hugs.
    here is a pick me up.

    then the rap remix

    you gotta have a remix that's where the big money is!
    more hugs.

  2. So sorry about your night and the boys' night! Ugh times three! Glad it seems to be mostly over. And what was with the clueless doctor in the ER? Bizarre.

  3. i'm thinking he was a cash hound, anything for a buck i guess. Well this time my buck wanted none of it. I'm glad with that choice!

  4. still scratching my head about the doc. How could he possibly justify that?