Thursday, June 24, 2010

OK back to the awake...

Well the past two days have been an eye-opener. I have not slept so much in years, and not necessarily because I've wanted to but because I had too. Apparently all this radiation and the steroids, pain meds and sleep meds have done a number on me. Today the doc told me to lower my steroid pill and I told him I was also going to not take the ambien, since I believe I've caught up. He also told me not to take my blood pressure meds, cause it was getting too low, and that could also make me tired. So with all that maybe I'll be getting back on track soon. On a lighter note, I get to have a port-a-cath installed on Monday, so when my radiation is done on Wednesday, I'll be able to start Chemo on Thursday. Don't really no what to expect with that, but I'm not gonna think about it until Thursday.

On another note, Jamie and I have cancelled or Verizon account, because, we we're not happy with the new phones, and couldn't justify paying for phones, we couldn't use. So I'm not sure exactly what we'll do. Ideally we'll go the iPhone route, but again, that's for another day. In the mean time just FaceBook or email me at

Sorry for the short post, maybe more a little later.

Bon Courage!

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  1. On a completely unrelated note, ran into a student wearing a Valdosta t-shirt today in a photo class I'm taking at SCAD. I asked her about the professors she had there and she recalled really enjoying your 2-D class a couple of yeas ago. Her name is Erika something and she was a performing arts (dance) major then - guessing she is a photo major now? Maybe you got her inspired in the visual arts?