Friday, June 25, 2010

temporary tattoos...whoohooo!

Well today Jamie and I went in for a radiation treatment, and ended up having to get a extra CTScan, cause I had this little place o my jaw bone, miraculously appear..sort of over night. Nothing obvious to the eye, but in two days, it went from feeling "squishy" to hard, and Dr. Dubal, decided that was too fast for him, so since we're already zapping, we'd just zap a focused zap at it in hopes that it would go back to bed until Monday. We'll continue the extra zaps on Mon-Wed, of next week, just in addition to the WBRT we had planned. Nothing to wory about really, as the Chemo starts Thursday anyway, and that should send the little critters scrambling. But the funny thing is that my radiation girls, had to draw on my jaw with green and silver paint-pen to "mark the spot." Initially they thought that they would be able to erase it, but the Dc said it would be really great if I could try to leave it on there until Monday...sooo I get to walk around with a semi-cool doodle-drawing on my jaw all weekend. I'll try o post a pic tomorrow, ad maybe I'll even embellish it with Photoshop a bit!

On a wonderful note, Jamie was a you all know...and he bought us knew iPhones today. I didn't want the new fangled one, just the old school iPhone and I LOVE IT!! I have this penchant for all things hot Pink and shiny, so now I have a beautiful hot pink shiny new iPhone. I must have been a crow in a previous life, because they also have a desire to have shiny things too. SO Barbara P Ward, once again, there's proof of my Crow Totem.

Daddy and Bo made it to Memphis, and I'm so glad they got here safe, I think they'll stay til Wednesday. I really do enjoy having them here. Nice to have family around. My mom's coming up on Monday or Tuesday, she was coming up today, but with the threat of a tropical depression worsening in the in florida panhandle, she decided to stay and batten down al the hatches just in case. First BP, now the weather. Could someone, please tell our government that we need help from far and wide here..just sayin!

SO on my agenda tomorrow, rest, enjoy the day, rest, take Gus skating....did I mention he got new quad skates...very cool! ANd then rest some more, but I also plan to have lots of fun. I stopped by the Art Center this morning and bought some black paper, so I can start working on some drawings of Hop. I was looking around at the art I've done that now lives here in Memphis, and I realized that I have not ever drawn Hopper! Crazy! I also bought a bunch of Origami paper, and Gus and I are gonna start making 1000 cranes. I've always wanted to actually do that, so I figured it is something that he and I can enjoy doing together.

We'll getting sleepy, so I'm gonna hit the hay.

Bon Courage Everyone!!


  1. Try the Brushes app. That's the one the New Yorker artist uses for the magazine covers.

  2. Dedicating today's run to you, Danielle.