Sunday, June 27, 2010

time for moderation...

OK had my first officially rough night. Woke up wih my knees on fire..??? WHo knows what that's about, then my stomach and back were in major pain. Jamie'c convinced it was the donuts, deviled eggs, and homemde chicken pot pie. But it was all so good!! I guess it's time for moderation.

Woke up with a major headache, so I decided to take a whole steroid, instead of a half, just in case something in there is swelling. It's pretty much gone now, so that does make mr feel better.I even had to take a nausea pill. Yuk. I've slept most of the morning away, but I guess I need that too. It's funny how hard it is too try and make yourself wake up from a super-duper stupor. Lots of Ice water seems to be helping. We'll see.

Jamie's taken the boys out of the house to get me a bed desk at bed bath and beyond. Daddy's staying at home today, watching the race on TV. I like that he's just in the other room watching something familiar. Yesterday afternoon, he and Jeri put up the bird feeders in her back yard. They really are so pretty, 2 hummingbird ones, and one to attract goldfinches. But ya'll know me, I'm a birdy lover too.You can never have too many. I'd rather have songbirds, but even like the occasional mocking bird.

SO when Jamie get's back today we're gonna, organize dome pictures on his jump drive so we can have them printed and put in the albums I bought yesterday for Momma and daddy. It'll be nice for them to have a album to hold and actually look at. Momma likes the computer pics, but she has always preferred the old school albums!

Sorry this post is so random, but I just feel like I need to keep typing random stuff, until I officially WAKE UP...not sure that is gonna happen though.

Maybe I'll try again later. I promise I'll do better with my food intake today, DO NOT want a repeat of last night!

Bon Courage!

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