Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Course of action...check!

Today we met with Dr. Doodle, actually his name is Dr. Dubal, but I might call him Doodle for now. He'll be the doc in charge of my whole brain radiation. He was super nice, and very helpful. His nurse Dana was also a doll! They even got me into fit a radiation cap thing that I wil wear over my face while they pulse the radiation into me. It kind of looks like a white plastic colander you wash lettuce in, but when the heat it up and pull it over your face, the round colander, magically grows cheekbones and eye sockets! Anyhow, the whole thing just took a few minutes, and I got to listen to some pretty music and look at some flower photos on the ceiling, they were actually quite pretty. TOmorrow we are to be there at 2:30 for a few more back up scans, and then the radiation should take about 15 min or so. The doc said, I probably won't have bad immediate side effects, so thats a good thing. I will most likely loose my hair, but it will most likely grow back, who knows, maybe even curly! It's funny, because initially I decided to just lop it off and donate it to locks for love, but since I've highlighted it a little, they might not be able to use it. Paula said I could donate it to help clean up the oil spill and just make my request to have it used in cleaning up Ft. Walton Beach, but although I know that would be good, I don't think I want to give my hair to help people clean up a mess that didn't need to happen. OK that's my moment of selfishness. I'll figure out what to do with it. I think I'm gonna have Gus help me decide. If he'd like for me to cut it that's what I'll do, if not, we'll just let it flow out willy-nilly. Whatever he's comfortable with.

ON a slightly different note, Shane, Casey, and Grady made it in at 2:30am, after Butch and Jeri, rescued them in Little Rock, Only problem is that Butch obviously got overheated mowing and taking care of everything, he's made himself sick. He wok up with a fever, chills, and body aches. When I came in from the docs, he was up but looking weak. I hate it for him, because, he so wants to visit with his baby boy too! Jamie just said that Shane is sickly too. Geeez when it rains! It is my hope that everyone feels better tomorrow and we can all get on with the business of enjoying the family!

Bon Courage everyone!

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  1. Bon Courage, Dan! I love that you are giving Gus the choice about your hair.