Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whoa! Today was crazy, but it's all working out now!

Well today I woke up anxiously awaiting news from the neurosurgeon on my plan of attack. I waited and waited and waited, called twice, waited some more, then emailed them, then called my oncologist to see if they'd heard anything. Finally the oncologist got the ball rolling, and the neurosurgeon called to tell me that they had actually counted 14 small lesions in my brain, about 12 more than previously seen, and there were most likely some lurkers in there too. So whole brain radiation is the plan. The neurosurgeon got me an appointment for next Thursday, but the oncologist wasn't having that, so he go me in tomorrow at 12:30. Have I mentioned how much I think I'm thinking I'm gonna be liking this Dr. Tian! So tomorrow we get the scoop, and will hopefully schedule the radiation ASAP. I am going to check into some other drugs and/or vitamins to help offset some of the steroid side effects and hopefully give me at least a little more energy.

After all that Jamie took me to get my toes done, a very nice treat indeed, pics will be posted tomorrow, they are bright red, with black and silver designs on the big toes, I've decided to call them my power up toes. Jamie and I also went to Perkins on poplar and highland for breakfast-dinner. Short-stack at Perkins is just about as good as it can get! Oh yeah, ya'll should ask Jamie about our grad school experience at that Perkins, it'll give you a whole new way to look at Jamie, too funny! My hero! Just ask him!

Jamie also took my to the relax the back store and bought me this really cool convertible wedge pillow, so I can lay comfortably in bed and type, draw, write, etc. Once again, he's always looking out for me. But everyone who knows him knows that's how he is.

For a little extra excitement, my brother-in-law Shane, my sister-in-law Casey, and their 5 month old Grady, were supposed to arrive in Memphis this evening at 10:32pm. Unfortunately, the plane scheduling powers screwed up and they only had 20 minutes to de-board there plane in Denver and make there connecting flight to Memphis. Needless to say, it did not happen. So they've opted for a flight into little Rock and Jamie's parents busted out the door immediately to drive to Little Rock to pick them up. Just another reason to love the Harmon's, no drive is too long or too small, or too inconvenient. jamie is at the Memphis airport as I type this, trying to pick up the luggage that made it aboard the Memphis flight without it's family.

Now if they can just all arrive safe and sound, I will be very pleased. I can't imagine how exhausted they all must be. And although Grady is most assuredly a little trooper, I'm also pretty sure he's getting to the end of his line, poor little thing. I mean you can only tolerate so much at 5 months!

So that'll be all for now, I'll let everyone know what comes tomorrow, and thanks again for all the prayers, well-wishes, good- vibes, and love. I cherish each and everyone!!

Bon Courage!


  1. Perkins pancakes are awesome but a short stack is simply not enough, next time full stack it!

    Looks like J is in his normal gitter dun mode, what else is new....

    Though you seem to a somewhat "occupied" right now hoping you and some of the clan can make it Mt. View sometime this summer, I'll have a full stack of cakes on the griddle for ya.

    Cheers, Daren

  2. I've never eaten Perkins pancakes, but when Steve and I hit the road for AZ in a couple of weeks, I'll make him stop for some.

    And Jamie is awesome, as are you and all those Harmons! Don't suppose they want to adopt an older woman like me?

    As for those extra lesions, well, that really truly sucks, but at least you have a doctor you like and trust! And there are treatments that can work! Hopefully something can be done to counter-act the steroid doldrums too.

  3. We have a family friend that had just as many lesions in the brain. 15 years later - nothing but a memory - the lesions that is. She is CANCER FREE. Since you're checking out vitamins and whatnot check out http://eng.ewcc.or.kr/s01/s01_01.htm?g1=s01&dte=s01_01

    Called the "East West Plan"

    this cancer clinic posts a diet that saved our friends life after she followed it for two years.

  4. ps - I think the diet and thought therapy is merely supposed to be a compliment to the rest of your attack plan.

  5. hmm. maybe I should have found a more appropriate place to pass along than the pancake thread. ;-)

    PSS; I know you are inundated with "what you orta do" . I'll stop now. promise.

  6. Don't stop V, keep em coming. I did ask the doc about vitamins and diet, and that is something we're looking into. But vitamin therapys help rebuild all cells, cancery ones too, so for the moment, we're whooping all of them. A good diet, is especially a good thing, cause I can get awfully hungry, and since I like like simple flavor-filled food, it should be pretty easy.

    As for adopting you Theresa, anytime!