Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hair much shorter AND...I love it!

Today saw me up at 7:30ish, good coffee, breakfast and playing in the kiddee pool with Hop. He actually wanted to get naked baby in the pool, so that's what he did. We sent his little blue crocs floating around the pool, like a fleet. If we'd only had a stick and some fabric, we could've make believed them all over the place!

Gus, Jamie and I went to get my hair cut, but the first place was not open, so we wasted a little time at Kohl's, then decided on JCPenny's for the haircut. When i arrived, ther was only one girl in the place, and she was great! She asked me what I was looking to get, and out popped, well, ya see, I'm taking Whole Brain radiation, and they say my har's most likely to fall out, so I've come to beat it to the punch. She didn't even skip a beat. "you sure, they're sure about that?" Well that's what they say, but I fugure now is a good a time as any to go for a new look! "Well great, let's do it!" I told her that I was kinda wanting the white girl version of Haillie Berry's short hair.SO we were of to the shampoo bowl, It really is amaxing to have someone, really wash your hair, and blow dry it. It always smells so good. Why is that, I mean you can buy the exact same product they use, but it never feels or smells the same way. Must be magic!

So she braided it up for me before she cut it off, and it was so thick, it took three passes with the scissors to finally work through it all.

SO I still think it will get shortrer by my own choice, before it falls out on it's own, but for now, I am actually very happy with it. I really did think it would be more of a shock, but actually it didn't bother me at all, Actually, it is so much lighter, physically and emotionally. I'll post more pics as I play around with styling and such,

Love ya'll for all your support!!

Bon Courage!!


  1. I got so tired of hair all over the place, I cut mine off myself and kept it. One of these days I might make a "Kathy" doll. Hang in there, and keep thinking about the times to come.

    Your in my thoughts,

  2. I love the hair. Gus looks like he has a prize fish insted of a pig tail.LOL