Thursday, June 10, 2010

MRI down.

Well today began really early, had an appointment at 7:30 am with neurosurgeon, but didn't actually see the neurosurgeon until 10:30am. Then we were given the option to wait and get squeezed into the MRI machine...literally, or make an appointment. I opted to wait. So after a mini-meltdown, which was promptly cured by a bacon cheeseburger, I relaxed and waited. Actually got in around 3ish, so all in all it was not a bad day. I didn't remember how loud those MRI things were, kind of like a crazy Phillip Glass, abstract pounding on trashcan music. Interesting, but not really my cup of tea musically.

Daddy and I stopped by Borders books on the way home, shared an apple tart and some coffee, the highlight of the day.

Now home, with my Hopper and Gus enjoying them both.

By the way....when did it get so damn hot in Memphis? Sheesh, it's like Africa hot here!


  1. Great description of the MRI. Never had one, and now I hope to avoid one!

  2. Remember the white hockey mask that what was his name "Jason" I always thought his mask looked like a strainer.

  3. "'s like Africa hot here!" I love that lingo Danielle!