Wednesday, July 21, 2010

crazy day

Well I slept OK, and we were out the door by 8:30am. Got to the clinic by 9am, was met with wonderful old man singing 1940's war tunes, beautifully, Jamie never was able to get his name, but I'm hoping we'll run into him again soon, Waited for the Doctor until around 10:30am. We spoke with a woman waiting to see her doctor and she has advanced breast cancer, and she kinda had a pretty fatalistic view of it, which I fond oddly disturbing, especially since her husband was sitting right next to her. She also said she has a 27 year old daughter that was also sick with a degenerative brain disease, that had brought her from a PHD candidate to wearing diapers in a couple of years, and they have no idea what caused it. I guess that miht take the wind out of ones sails, but ya' know me, I like the positive sides of things better.

Thankfully, we ran into our friend Charlie Evano's parents at the West clinic. He has Esophageal (?) cancer, but is a couple of years out and doing great, now that's what I want to hear! It was so nice to see them and reconnect!!

Jamie got me a subway sandwich it was really good.

Right before my chemo finished, an older lady with breast cancer came in and got the "Red Devil chemo, and apparently the nurse got some in the wrong place under the skin, I could tell she was in severe pain. Her daughter didn't say anything to the nurse, but I would have taken an easy bet that see'd a decked that nurse had she gotten the chance. I jut hated to see that lady in so much pain.

I really wanted to go by Fresh Market to get some good food to have around the house so we did, but I'm thinking it pushed me over the to. 7 hours at the clininc is WAY too much. NOT doing that again!!

Momma made it up, and other than really being exhausted and having to remember, that I was just infused with a pile of corrosive poison, maybe today wasn't really as bad as it seemed. I'll let you know, tomorrow, I'm too tired to write

Bon Cuurage!

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