Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010 Not a bad day, but I'm starting to understand more of the Chemo Brain analogy.

Today Moonie and I woke up the birds outside around 5:30am. We sat outside for a bit, again it was pleasantly cool outside.

Came back to bed and slept more, got up for breakfast at 7:30, went back to bed, and actually really slept until 11am. Gus woke me up because I told him we'd go to Target for him and Hop a little lego present. SO I got up, although I felt like I could have slept more, but I've been reading that although I do need to sleep, I also should try and make myself get up for a while too, to get my energy going. So we the boys , momma and I went to target. Gus and Hop picked out the loot, keeping it on the cheap, which made me proud, because, like most 11 year olds, the $70 dollar one, seemed much more interesting than the $20 one. Bout that time, Jamie's cousin John, his wife Francis, and their 4 boys arrived at the house, so I asked momma to take the boys back home and just come back to pick me up so she and I could have lunch. She did. we went to Olive garden for soup and salad. It was really so nice to spend the time with her just chatting.

That Target-lunch experience took about 2 hours, and I was pretty wiped out. Jamie had gone to the incredible pizza company with the the other Harmon's and Gus, so they were having a blast, and Hop and Jeri were taking a nap, so I decided to do the same. I think I laid down at 2:30 and Jamie came in and woke me up at 6pm. LONG NAP!

Got up, visited with John and Francis and the're sweet new long hair daschound puppie Jasmine, she is the cutest thing! Don't get me wrong, I'm in total love with my moonie, but she's a big dog, wishes she's a lap dog, but she's not. Jamsine is so tiny, a perfect lap cuddle size!

So Gus's 2 older cousins are staying the night, and depending on how I feel in the am I might go with them to the campground where they are staying and go float in the pool for a little while. I dream about floating in water so I hope I'm up to it.

So maybe you can understand about this chemo brain thing, I know there was a July 24, and I know I did things today, but it just all seems to run together, and fly by. It's like someone say, "Where'd the day go?" Well my thoughts exactly.

Also my phone went dead today, and I didn't have the energy to find the phone cord, not that I had any energy to talk to anyone for than a minute or 2 at a time. I't crazy how just talking, wether on the phone, or in person zaps me so quickly. So if you need to ask, you might wanna call Jamie instead. Believe me, it's not that I don't want to, it's that mentally and physically, I can't for long!

Well I'm gonna, rest for now, keep your fingers crossed I can make it to float in the pool tomorrow. It would be nice, even if that is the one and only thing I do tomorrow!

Bon Courage!

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