Monday, July 19, 2010

Kinda feels like I lost a day today...

Yesterday, the doctor upped my long acting morphine from 30 mg, twice a day, to 60 mg, twice a day. I didn't even put 2 and 2 together until this afternoon, but I seriously slept most of the day today. But it dawned on me that maybe that was too big a jump for the pain meds that stay in my system. So when Doctor Reed came in I asked him nicely to please lower the 60 to at most 40-45, and if I need extra pain meds I'll just take a break thru med, like hydrocodone or some other thing like that. I've got to much worker-bee stuff to do, plus I want to finish up my drawings so I'm not needing to be drugged up so much. He agreed, so when the nurse brings my pain meds we'll see what he decided.

I was told this morning that "they" (?) wanted to do a biopsy on my pancreas in the morning, but thankfully Dr. Reed said that because I was about to have another round of chemo, there was no need to do a biopsy, because we know that there are spots all over my body there was no real reason to add insult to injury by cutting on me, so he cancelled it. Good, one less thing for me.

This morning Jamie took Gus to the Southaven middle school, and both of them felt like the school was to huge, and that he would just get lost in the shuffle, so that was kind of a downer, but luckily our wonderful friend Wendy kept Gus at her house today and Gus and her boys, Philip and James worked on a WONDERFUL origami healing ball for me (SEE PIC AT TOP) to keep up in the hospital room. It is so beautiful, I'm tellin' ya it is seriously the little things that make a difference, especially in a hospital situation, but, this goes beyond, that especially because it was made by some serious special young men!

This afternoon, Wendy, took Jamie and Gus down to the Maria Montessori school to get a look at it. We have always thought that MMS would be a good fit for Gus, because of the size and learning style, but also Gus is good friends with Philip and James and they attend it too. It's always easier to transition when you have a connection. If he can get a spot, I'm gonna figure out how to make it work, somehow. But a huge thank you to Wendy for helping us get the ball rolling!

Since they we're downtown anyway, Jamie had me order dinner from Mrs. Cordliea's on Mud Island. I ordered Curry Chicken soup (OMG it was so GOOD), grilled salmon, fresh sauteed green beans, and real homemade gourmet Mac and Cheese, and fruit and a croissant for dessert. HEAVEN I'm telling you! I'm thinking, I'll be taking more lunch and dinner's from there if they don't spring me soon! And, I had Jamie bring me some extra real butter for my croissant, and the nurses just agreed to put it in the fridge so I can have real butter and salt with my grits in the morning. According to my friend Julius, grits without real butter, is sacrilege, so while I'm quite sure the grits are not the cream of the crop, at least I'll get o have REAL butter with them! Again, y'all it's the little things!

I'm happy I'm still awake enough to write all this, so maybe...fingers crossed..tomorrow will be better!

Bon Courage!


  1. Julia and I have a grandson in a public Montessori school in Greensboro NC, and he loves it. From listening to him talk about his school day, I sometimes think he believes that he takes turns being the teacher and the other students are "his" students, then he happily reverses roles. Hope Gus gets in; he'll love it.

  2. Thanks Julius! I'm really hoping so to. He needs this so much, and yes, that sound kinda like how they work. I was looking at the website this morning, check it out if you'd like, I'd love extra opinions.

    BYW...looking forward to my REAL Butter!!! And I'm getting some really great recipes for grits and other stuff, I'll be sending them along to my culinary Arail buddies soon!

  3. Just to ease your mind, if he does go to SMS....Both my kids went there. They have each grade divided into a single hall. Like one for 6th grade & so on. I ended up homeschooling Grant his last 2 years of highschool. Good you have other options.

  4. Well, add Bob to the list of kids Gus would already know at MMS. It is truly such a wonderful, sweet little community. The teachers, the kids, and the families are all so lovely and welcoming. I think Gus would feel right at home there.