Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Morning rainy Memphis....

Well today is Tuesday so I've been in the hospital since Saturday morning and I'm pretty much ready to go home. Finally got an MRI last night at 7ish. Maybe I'll get the results this morning. The oncologist said that if everything looks good I should be able to go home today. I have been having a lot more pain in my upper stomach and chest area, sometimes where it is getting hard to catch my breath sometimes. But maybe the pain meds will help that out a bit. I'm ready to get on with the next round of chemo some we can shrink these tumors. It kinda sucks feeling like you got a brick sitting on your chest all day.

I have to say that the room I was put in this time has this really great double window, which I had the nurses open both blinds completely so I could get the full panoramic experience. My friend Virginia from Arkansas gave me this really great eye pillow that I wear when I sleep, so I can just peek out when I want to. So night before last I heard..through my ear plugs..some pretty big thunder, so I peeked out to see the most beautiful lightning storm, lots and lots of orange and yellow an bright white lightning strikes. I wish I would have had the energy to take some pictures, but since it was dark-thirty outside I didn't figure my iPhone would do it justice, so these images will remain my own little memories. It rained again last night, and this morning I woke up to a really wonderful rainy super fog. Once again, something that I am currently really enjoying!

Yesterday, I actually organized my big set of colored penciled into color fields, and a portrait bunch, so hopefully today I'll feel up to some sketching. If so I'll try to post some pics.

I hope ya'll have a great day!

Bon Courage!!


  1. Just had lunch with your hubby, Gusmeister, Josh, yer momma, and Al. They are a funny bunch, I'll tell ya. Jamie does this thing with your mom where he talks to her and leaves out half the words, which makes her go, "what?" "what?" until she gets that he's faking. I would be punching him in the arm. She just laughs--a very good sport. I thumped him a little for her. Gus is sooooo cute, 'cept I can't see his eyes. Guess that's the going style. Don't tell him I said this, but it's a very Jonas Brothers look, ha ha.

    Looking forward to some drarings (that's how they pronounce it in Britain) when you feel like it. Bon Courage! Toute Suite!

  2. This is a touching entry. Your spirit shines, Danielle.

  3. I ALWAYS loved a good thunderstorm!!! It's better than fireworks! Grab ALL the good and make those doctors step to!