Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day three of third hospital stay....but I'm ready to go home

Came in with Pancreatitis, which had got to be the worst pain I have ever felt, When the doc asked me to describe it the only way I could explain it was "it hurts so bad it almost doesn't hurt, which sound crazy, but I guess it hurts so much it's off "the chart".

The GI doc convinced me to take delaudid, which I'm glad about because really does help tremendously. He also scheduled me with an ultrasound to double check the pancreas, but he said there was nothing significant, no blockages, so he's thinking that it's cancer related. So basically I'm just gonna have to watch what I eat ant take my insulin.

Dr. Tian, compared my 2 CTscans and said that there is no significant change really in either direction, so he feels it's time to check into the next round of defense. I might have to go to a different city, he mentioned, Knoxville, Little Rock, and MD-Anderson in Houston. He's gonna look at things today, because he'd like to start a reliable systemic therapy as we as an alternative therapy.

Once again a bump in the road, I'm not looking forward to traveling, but I'll figure it out I suppose.

I had hoped to get some good rest last night, because I had to be on the phone doing bills, and medical stuff, as well as visiting with 3 doctors, and a entire host of student nurses. But no such luck.

The highlights of the day, we're seeing Jamie, Gus, and Momma. Family is always a great thing!

After Jamie left they decided that I needed to get a blood transfusion. asked them that they be ninja-stealthy. Obviously they don't have boy children, because, even with my eye cover, and my ear plugs, it was like a barbie party in this room!

So with that said, I'm gonna rest. I'll ad to the post later.

Just another bump in the road.

Bon Courage!


  1. i am always praying for you. continuously. sending love too.

  2. "it was like a barbie party in this room!" your ability to keep a sense of humor is nothing short of amazing Danielle. You are in my thoughts and I wish you the best every single day.

  3. Danielle, my father in-law has multiple myeloma and he goes to Houston to MD Anderson quite often. It's a wonderful place and if for some reason you end up going there and you'd like to talk to someone who knows that place inside and out, I can hook you up with my mother in law. Just wanted to throw that out there for you. I love how positive you are no matter what you get thrown at you. Keep fighting this with bon courage and I'll keep sending you good, happy vibes!