Wednesday, July 14, 2010

added some more to this mornings post..

Just got back to the room from the GI test and had a very nice visit with my personal angel Ms. Sarah Blackburn, who brought me tons of magazines and a really wonderful cancer survivor art book. I truly love you Sarah, TONS!

The test this morning was so strange, The took me down there, sprayed some nasty lidocaine stuff in my throat, gave me some versed and demerol and oxygen. I vaguely remember having to swallow this blocky thing, then it was all over, and now I'm in my room. Unfortunately I am very hungry, o I asked the nurse to bring me some food, but now it turns out they are going to run another test at 1 so I still can't eat yet, so I asked for all the rest of my meds, pain and otherwise, and I have decided to just try to sleep until this afternoon. So hopefully that's what I'll be able to do, sleep, next best thing to eating I guess. I'll let y'all know how it all went a little later this evening. Again, Im hopeful to get sprung from this joint today, one can continue to hope, but since the next test is around 1pm and the docs and not super punctual around here, we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed!

On a Valdosta note, Jamie said the Red-Neck Budget Dog the Bounty Hunter crew, dropped the ball on his rental truck and car dolly, but us Usual Al "the great" Harris helped Jamie find a 28 foot Penske truck and U-hual car dolly to hook to it, and it was cheaper than the budget set up! THANK YOU AL! LOve Love Love YOU for helping out my Jamie!

Just got back from the lower GI test, I call it the "egg" test. I didn't know exactly what to expect because no body else could tell meeither. So I went down there starving and expecting the worst, but happily, I found out they were gonna scramble me some eggs, gave me some salt and pepper and some ice cold water. All I had to do was eat it, then I got to lay on a table under x-ray machine and they apparently watch the "eggs" pass through me. Thankfully..not ALL the way, but you get the picture.

My nurse saw them wheeling me around the corner, and she had the food folks up here bring me a sandwich pronto. Turkey on white bread, not bad but actually the eggs were way better!!

Aunt Sheri is bringing me some soup, salad, and breadsticks from Olive Garden, so although I'm very tired, I'm am looking forward to some yummy stuff.

I also just found out that the screw up wit the Lovenox was what it was, I haven't had it, don't really understand why the nurses and docs would think so, but I guess at least I'm on the same page with my "Chart" now. I've also requested a complete chart copy and copies of all my CTscans and MRIscans.

The Oncologist that came by this afternoon, said that my red blood cell count was at 26, and they like to "infuse" when the count gets to 25, so that might be the next experience for me. Don't particularly like the idea, but again it is what it is and she said, they like to have the RBC count before they give more chemo, because otherwise, It will wipe me out. That's probably why I've been getting more and more tired each day. Actually it does make sense, but still it's pretty yucky. Having a blood transfusion probably will keep me from donating blood in the future, which sucks, because I've donated at VSU a couple of times. SO in the event I can't donate anymore, maybe some of you guys might be willing to step up and donate for me. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and get some of your blood in the future. That would be kinda cool if you think about it, me running around with some of my own good friends blood! You never know!

Butch told me that it's 110 heat index today at the riverboats. That is way too hot! I've got the temp down to 68 in my room, so I feel kinda like I'm living in the 'Fall" version of Memphis, or the "now" version of Newland, North Carolina. I'm lucky!

Bon Courage!


  1. anytime you need blood, let me know - i'd be more than willing to donate for you or in your name for someone else if we are not a match.

  2. Yeah Mary!!! Thanks so much, it's funny that blood is something we take for granted, until we need or donate it! Hope you're enjoying your Euro-vacation, I love looking at your pictures, especially the food ones!!!