Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well this night was so great...seriously!

Tonight, Jamie and I get to have a 3 hours of quality time together. He brought me veggies from Soul Fish cafe and for dessert, their caramel pecan pie! Man, was that stuff good. Due to my elevated "steroid induced diabetes" I limited myself o about a half of it, surprisingly I actually gave the last half to Jamie, he liked it but he said it was to rich for him....really, what is wrong with that boy! But I'm working on switching to the fork in the road, that's gonna make me healthier, not sicker, so I'm proud of my own self!

Jamie and I bonded over some high resolution images, of us and the kids, I'worked today on a new pic of hop, and tomorrow I'm working on one of Gus, I know, I know, I've not drawn many of Hop, but I'm compelled, to one of each at this point!

Jamie brought me new fingernail polish. So right after he left, I started painting one hand, which looked pretty good, but then my new nurse Paul T. came in with an IV of morphine, and a butt load of pills, which to effect amazingly quick! I'm thinking the left hand is way prettier than the right hand. It's not so easy to paint neatly while cross-eyed on Morphine. But I'm willing to take bets that I get pretty good at it! My brain stays pretty clear, and since this blog and face book have a great spell checking programs, it's easy for me to write but painting is a little different.

And to top off the evening, Sanford and son, camping episode is on!

Jamie also said that Butch took Gus over to the old house and he got to play with the "old summer" neighborhood crew and had a blast. I hope somehow we can make that happen again soon, it kind of puts a little normalcy back in his little world. I hope he'll get to come up in the am with his dad for another visit with me. I sure do love my boys, and my family, and my friends...

sweet dreams everyone..

Bon Courage

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  1. Dream like the wind, Bella Daniella. Last night, I dreamed of teenage twin boys--long, straight brown hair to their butts, skinny, in jeans, buck teeth. They asked me, "will you read this prayer to us?" The prayer was on a folded piece of a magazine. They wanted to turn it into a song. I was puzzled. I said, "I tutored you guys all through high school and you're telling me you can't read?!" They just nodded at me, in unison, sitting on the hood of blue Mustang. I read the prayer...twice. They just closed their eyes and nodded to some beat in their heads. I have no idea what to make of it...