Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25...Back in the hospital..with Pancreatitis

Well it's 12;12 am hre Memphis time, and I'm sitting in my room, waiting on my pain meds so I can just go to sleep. The doc in the ER prescribed dilaudid, which I know is suppose to work but it scares me a bit, because right after Hop was born, I fell down the stairs at the house and hit my head, and in Val-D they gave me morphine, and it wasn't cutting the pain so the ER doc gave me dilaudid to help. Well I don't know if was the fact that I'd knocked myself loopy hitting my head, or maybe it was all the preggo hormones, but it seemed that every time I shut my eyes I saw every creepy crawly monster I'd ever imagined. So you can see why I'm a bit weary. But i've got a bit of a low-grade fever and I'm hurting so maybe it will be fine, and I can use some of these littler monsters to give me some creative ideas! Well thats my plan on it!

I knew this morning when I wasn't feeling real good, that I should probably pack some things....just in case they decided to keep me over night. the last time, it seemed like Jamie was constantly bring my stuff evrey day, and between us both we'd forget things, so Momma and packed a small suitcase, my med list, and evn a really great snack back, which I'm not allowed to use, because noew I'm on a liquid diet. Dangit! I did forget to pack saltines, in that bag, and I swear that pisses me off, because I am SOOO Jonesin' for a saltine. If I had access to one right now..I...WOULD...EAT ....IT..RIGHT ....NOW and not even care that I was a rule breaker! But don't sweat, I don't have one, so I can't even break the rules if I wanted too!

I did have a funny/surreal kinda moment just a while ago with my nurse. I'm in my "official room" on the Oncology floor and she was going over the paperwork asking me the routine questions, and she looked at me with a straight face, and my bald head and said, "so you've never been diagnosed with any type of cancer?" It took me a second to realize what she just asked! I then laughed out loud, it just came out, giggling. Well um yeah, Melanoma...but maybe just kinda sorta melanoma.

Honestly, I do sometimes wonder where they find these folks!!

Well it's now 12:30 Memphis time, still no pain meds, may just have to try to sleep, and pray she doesn't forget I'm in here!!

Ohh..she just came in....but had to go back for the meds...and apparently she forgot to plug in my IV pump. Glad I had to pee or I might not have noticed! OK enough negative sarcasm on my part..folks can have a bad day right!

OK another good thing, the doc in the ER switched the dilaudid back to morphine. HooRAY, no monsters to deal with! And my PCA (nurse's Assistant) just came in and she seems to have it together, I'm tellin's the little things!

Tomorrow Will be a much better day...can we say it together...a much better day!

Bon Courage!


  1. Tomorrow Will be a much better day

  2. Tomorrow (today) will be a much better day. Especially because I'll be able to send you a photo of my four-year-old grandson Evan at his birthday party. Editing that one this morning. Won't be as good as a JH photo, but there's only one of him so the coach sent me in.

  3. good case for electronic medical records.

  4. Tomorrow will be a much better day. I spend the morning in hospital. waited 2 hours to see a consultant for 2 min. that's how it is here. You're not allow to ask questions or they look at you like you broke the golden rule. I felt like a car in the building chain if you know what I mean. Hope it is better in the states.