Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hopefully I'm going home tomorrow...

Well today was a pretty good day. Started off with a premium scrambled egg, bacon, biscuit, grits, coffee, and OJ breakfast. It was all good, but like usual, I wrinkled my nose at the Grits, because frankly the thought of eating something named loosely after dirt just has never been appetizing to me. But Jamie loves grits, so perhaps in a moment of my weakness in missing him terribly while he's busy packing up our stuff in Valdosta, I decided to add a little 2% milk and three packs of sugar, stirred it up really good and ate every bite. Oddly enough it wasn't that bad. Now were I to make them at home, they would be much warmer, and I think I would make them with brown sugar and cinnamon and maybe some raisins. I would definitely doctor them up but I think my Jamie would be proud of his non-Grit eating girl!

I also started a colored pencil on Black paper of my Hopper, It's from a photo Jamie took at our family reunion in North Carolina in May, it's only about 25% done, so maybe tomorrow I'll post an in-progress pic along with the photo so you guys can see what I'm working towards. I still can't believe I haven't drawn any pics of Hop yet. By the time Gus was 2 I had drawn a bunch of him. But he was a much more "still" child, he would actually snuggle up next to me when I would draw him, an he seemed to go to sleep earlier than Hop. Hopper just doesn't sit still until you lay his little butt in his bed, then he's out like a like, but man he doesn't sit still until the last second possible!

So my good friend Paige dropped in to see me today, I love that she just drops in, she is so spontaneous like that, she once showed up at our house at 10pm in Valdosta and I was in bed, when I heard a knock on the door and she peeked in, it took me a minute to figure out if I was dreaming, but there she was! I love that! She brought me a little watercolor postcard book and an Alice in Wonderland Dream Journal. I also am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, so that's just an extra plus. Love you Paige!!

The lunch today was kinda gross, Pulled pork and a cornbread pancake, some ridiculously over-sweetened sweet potato casserole, a small bowl of baked potato salad, and a small bowl of peaches in a really thick jelly/sauce. I couldn't muster the pulled pork, too yucky, the sweet potato stuff was not working for me either, but oddly enough the baked potato salad, and peaches were pretty good.

So after that culinary experience, I decided to cancel my dinner because Jeri and Butch said they were going to visit me and bring me whatever I wanted for dinner, so I decided I needed a Spud-Max and fruit bowl and large sweet tea from McAlister's Deli. And man-o-man was it good! And since I'm getting a GI test at 7:30 am, I can't eat after midnight, so at least I had a dinner!

When we were visiting tonight it occurred to me how much Hopper is really talking now, not just words, but actual sentences, it amazes me because, I guess, since I'm not around him all day every day, I notice it more. That just reinforces the fact I need to get home, so I do't miss another second!

And as the family left, I noticed that there was smoke coming from the intersection right outside my window. I saw a car turn the corner onto union, stop in the middle of the intersection and the hood burst into flames. The driver got out , made a call, and I KID YOU NOT 10 minutes later the first police car shows up, then another 5 after that the fire truck rolls in. I suppose since the driver got out and called it wasn't an emergency, but since it all happened right outside the Methodist Central Hospital, and there were large orange flames coming from the hood and interior of the car, seems like a little more urgency might have been warranted. hmmmm...Memphis...crazy...just sayin'! 

Today when I was in the shower I noticed a small bump on my right abdomen, similar to the place I noticed on the left side when we were in North Carolina, the same thing that set all this crap in motion. So I immediately asked the nurse to look into it and she said, oh that's where they gave you lovenox, a blood thinner. But strangely I don't ever remember getting a shot there. But assured me yes I had gotten one, so when the Oncologist came in I told him too, but he said oh yes, that must be the lovenox, so OK I think maybe the nurses are just ninja-stealthy and gave me shot in my stomach with out me knowing it. I have been getting the occasional insulin shot because now due to the steroids, I have steroid induced diabetes, and honest the needle is so small that when they give me the shot in the back of the arm I honestly don't feel it at all! Well my favorite nurses Becca and Heather are on tonight, and for some reason I was compelled again to tell them about the spot, Heather happened to have my chart with her, but before she even looked at the chart she said, but you haven't had lovenox, you aren't on a blood thinner, that's why your wearing the squeezer things on your legs, to prevent blood clots. Not to mention that the shot for the lovenox would be given in the love handle areas or close to the belly button area. Hmmm I think....she double checks the chart, and confirms, nope on the lovenox. So she's gone to try to see if the doc is still here, unlikely, or to at least leave a note with the next doctor. She did seemed a bit perturbed too, but she maintained a completely professional composure thru the whole conversation, while I was starting to see a little red. I mean how hard is it for folks to check on a chart for something. SO now I have to wait and see if I wake up to another angry bruise that will turn into something some worse...uggghhh. Hopefully it's just another side effect of this cancer crap, but I'm starting to think that some people need to get on the same page!! So if y'all don't mind, a little extra love, prayers, mantras, dances, and well-wishes would be greatly appreciated!!

Remember this is just another little bump in the road, but just a bump nothing more. I am going to be OK, I'm positive of this!

Bon Courage!


  1. You might just be the most awesomely strong woman I know and I barely know you!

    Much respect and love coming from our family to you.

  2. Sorry I haven't been more in touch. My sis did have a baby boy Sunday morning, 2 weeks early but very healthy. Going to Jackson, TN to see him tomorrow. You just stay as positive as you sound. I hope you are back home by tomorrow. So glad Paige popped in on you. I'm having a little trouble being spontaneous this week. But know that we love you guys and have been thinking of you as Jamie is away from you. Keep experimenting with the grits. They are good with just a bunch of butter.

  3. We LOVE you and think about you always! I love the description of souther food, grits still soundsick to me....

    Love Shane & Casey

  4. OK, you people, let's get it straight about grits. Don't even think about sweet when you think about grits. Think about salt, and better yet, salt encased in real butter, none of that melted plastic margarine stuff. The "s" in grits stands for SALT, not SUGAR.

  5. Stay strong Danielle and keep insisting until they listen to you. You do after all know your body better than anybody else. Oh and of course you are allowed to put sugar, cinnamon, raisins and anything else you want in your grits! Ramie and Bob eat brown sugar, cream, and butter in theirs. I am sending you love, good wishes, and positive energy all the way from France. Bon courage and I cannot wait to see the sketches of Hop.

  6. We like our grits with melted cheese and butter, topped with bacon bits and a side of clueless nurses! Eat them all for breakfast/lunch/dinner if they don't listen to you!!