Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 2 home, major meltdown

Well after sleeping 5 hours, and then eating dinner, I went back to bed. Took an extra pain med. Its strange because although I'n completely thrilled not to be in the hospital, I am a little scared not to be in the hospital, because they :sprta: have a handle on what mess yo take when and where and what time. They don't leave a lot of wiggle room for error. When you have to come home and figure out how to doll out 20 different pills at 4 times a day. It's very stressful to have to try and figure it all out and and 3 other people trying tof it all out and that on top of all ot that trying to figure out have to take blood sugar and when n when to give yourself insulin shots. I feel like i'm bitching hear, but I'm really just overwhelmed. I know I'll get it all worked out eventually. Stuff kninda feel like hacking up a hair ball at this point!

Goo think about insulin level this morning, 1y was 143 o I didn't have to have a shot. Good thing.

I did take a break-thru med, so I'm starting to see blurry, so I think Ill tank a blg break, until later. I'llj let you know how the rest of the day goe. Love y'all!

Bon Courage!


  1. hope you had a good sleep. Glad to hear you are home. Take it easy.
    Love from London

  2. Like you said, you are on a lot of drugs. Grumpy Bear is to be expected.

  3. Danielle they make pill boxes you can get at a pharmacy that have different slots per day so you can fix your medicene once a week and bang it is pretty well set. Jamie can pick one out that fits your scedule best. He may need two to schedule right but so be it. that will ease your work.

  4. Thanks, tomann70, I'm not sure who you are cause I your name doesn't pop up with your profile, but Jamie has the pill box completely under control. It's funny cause we have a tendency of not working well together, probably because we're so much a like, but this is forcing us to get a grip on that, which makes me very happy. I think it's pretty great when forces beyond your control make you do things and realize that there is NO PERFECT way to do anything. Kinda Serendipitous!