Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whoa sucky day....

Well today I did get the transfusions, 2 baggies, don't feel any different yet, but they say it should get better. The doc just came in and said that since I'm not as "regular" as a normal person, I might have blockage i my abdomen, yeah...(sarcasm) I've been saying that a few days now..they're not listening to me I think. I've pretty much slept all day, Will probably be sleeping agin shortly. On a great note Jamie, and Gus came to visit me for a few minutes this evening, although it was a very short visit because I was so tired, it really did perk me uo mentally. I do so love my boys! I can tell how hard this is on both Jamie and Gus that's probably the worst part of all of this, watching them have to deal with it too! So if y'all can send some extra love and prayers to Jamie and Gus, I'd really apreciate it. I'm actually going through the easier part, they've got the hard job! Visitors will be limited because of my extreme fatigue, so If you don't mind just try to Facebook or email me, and I'll get back as soon as I can. Love y'all!

So until I know more, I hope everyone has a good night,
Bon Courage!



  1. Bravo to you for writing so eloquently of the crappiness! I myself have a hard time with this. Maybe it's because I'm writing so often on behalf of Patrick, but in any case I think you're a rock star. I'm sending love & light to you and all your fine gentlemen.

  2. Thanks Laura,

    As I know it's been hard on Jamie and Gus, I'm sure it has been on you! That's the great thing about love and connections, that although it's hard we feel the need to let people know what's going on.

    I know that we're the rolls reversed, Patrick would be doing the same for you, and me for Jamie and my kids. Love and light is a beautiful thing, and I am sending it right back to you and Patrick. I'm looking forward to getting out of here, feeling better, and getting to "officially" meet you both!!

  3. Bella Daneilla,you are amazing--good for you, girl, for your righteous gumption to make those medical people give you copies of everything. YOU know your body better than anybody, and I hate that your suffering, but damn! You spoke up even when you felt like crap! A fine lesson for the human race. I've set my computer to let me know to stop every hour and send a healing mediation to you and Jamie and Gus and Hop. Brave brave girl, keep up the snicker-snacking (luckily, this can be done quite well while snoozing). I'll be snicker-snacking like the wind on this end. Calloo! Callay!